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The history of the mill began in 1938, when Felicita Carrera Ottino, a strong, determined woman, had two millstones installed in a building in the centre of Donato. During World War II, the mill represented an important food source for both the inhabitants of the village and the local resistance fighters, who took shelter inside, thus subjecting her to frequent searches and threats.

Activity in the mill was carried on by her son Giovanni and his wife Olivia. Despite many difficulties and sacrifices, they kept the mill working until the mid 1980’s, followed by many years of disuse.

From 2014, after a long, painstaking restoration of the premises and the mill, Pietro Ottino, (Giovanni’s son) has returned to milling with the help of his son Ludovico, who returned from abroad to support his father’s work.

The milling process has remained that of bygone years, with a careful selection of the raw material, to offer a unique, high-quality product. To date, there are two working millstones wich produce a variety of flours, ideal not only for the preparation of traditional polenta, but also for bread and cakes.

Ludovico Ottino

Pietro and Ludovico

Past and present meet here in the Mulino Ottino, where Pietro and Ludovico have both the desire and the pleasure of sharing this fundamental art, with a modern twist, thereby breathing new life into it.

Pietro Ottino